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Wednesday, March 02, 2011


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Daisy Cottage

What an honor to read these beautifully expressed thoughts about your personal experience with the precious signs from God. No words really other than thank you and know that your story truly touched my heart.

Here's to bluebirds and butterflies - and YOU.


Bluebirds and Butterflies

Thank you, Kim, for the nice comments on my post. After this experience, a friend gave me a DVD about butterflies. It is a documentary about the flight of the Monarch butterflies. I had no idea before watching this DVD, but people travel to meet the butterflies and bring photos of their loved ones. Many believe that the butterflies are the souls of their beloved departed. I had never heard this before and tears just rolled down my face as I realized that this was truly a message from God to me. Just thought I would add this in my reply to you. I am hoping to bring a little bit healing to others and to let them know that you can still find happiness in your life through the beautiful things around us after losing someone you love. Your blog is an example of how you can touch others through your writings and photos. Daisy Cottage is a beautiful and inspiration blog. I have noticed many comments from others saying how much your blog has touched them. Reading Daisy Cottage is like having tea and conversation with a good friend. Thank you! Have a "Bluebird" day! Love, Kim

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, I just popped over from visiting Kim at Daisy Cottage where I noticed that you were starting your own Blog so I thought that I would come and say Hello!!! I love your story about butterflies and bluebirds isn't God amazing, I have a similar story with my Mother and bluebirds I know when she's around because she sends me bluebirds. Thank you for sharing it's very heart warming, I love that your Dad would call it a bluebird day that's beautiful. Have a great start to your Spring I live in Sydney Australia so we have just left Summer and going into Autumn the nights and mornings are a little colder the days are still warm though. Anyway have a Blessed day I'll drop by to say Hi again. Trish xox ;)

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Trish,
Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my little part of the world. Isn't Daisy Cottage a wonderful blog? Kim's postings are so beautiful and inspirational. Sydney is a place I would love to visit sometime. My son in Houston has a possible future opportunity for travel with his job to Australia. So, I may get a chance someday to visit him there and explore the beautiful area. Australia is definitely on my "must see" list. I am happy that you were touched by my story of how Bluebirds and Butterflies came to be. Thank you for sharing about the connection you have with bluebirds and your Mother. I know that it must warm your heart to see one of these special bluebirds. I would love to hear your own bluebird story. Thank you so much for stopping by to say hello. May you always see bluebirds and have many "bluebird' days. Sending love your way, Kim

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Bluebirds and Butterflies
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