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Monday, February 28, 2011


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Hi Kim,

I just discovered your blog from reading your lovely comment on Dear Daisy Cottage. Blogland has opened up a whole new world to me. There are so many beautiful people sharing their pictures, thoughts, hopes, dreams, and creativity! I just got started myself in February. I had no idea what I was doing, and I'm constantly learning. In fact, one day while blog hopping I stumbled upon Daisy Cottage and was inspired to begin the blogging journey. Kim is such a sweet, dear kind soul.

I can relate to losing a parent. My mom passed away January 28th, 2010. I can't imagine what it must be like losing two so close together. Just wanted to stop by and say.....keep blogging. I love your photos and your beautiful words. Your place on the net is lovely, and your photographs are gorgeous! I'm sure I will become a frequent visitor.


Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Sandy,
First of all, I want to tell you how very, very sorry I am for the loss of your dear Mother. I know you must miss her terribly as I do my own parents. If you have not read my post in my "things in my nest" category about the baskets I have that my Mother made, I hope that you will take a moment to read it. There is a healing message there that I have discovered. Losing my parents has been a real journey for me. Don't be surprised if the road of healing is a slow one...there is a very strong connection between a parent and a child---no matter how old you are. Creating Bluebirds and Butterflies has been a wonderful way for me to share my journey of healing with others and, hopefully, reach out an arm through the web to hug someone who is having to learn to walk down the road of life without their parent(s) or very close loved one. I hope that you will continue with your blogging. It has been a very healing and uplifting process for me...very positive...and I am meeting many wonderful people along the blogging trail. People, such as yourself! With all of the horrific things that we see and read on the news, it is great to have a little community of creative, caring and loving people in our little corner of the blog world who lift each other up and share their talents, hopes and dreams. I share your feelings about Kim at Dear Daisy Cottage. Her blog has been a true reflection of the lovely person she is, and I will never forget her taking the time to reach out to me and encouraging me to blog. I, like many, will miss her while she is on hiatus. I am sending healing thoughts to you today and always. I wish you a "bluebird day" and many butterflies to remind you of your beloved Mother. (((hugs))) xoxo Kim

Christie Ray

Well my dear friend from "home"! Isn't this amazing?? I had to hop around to a few of your posts...apparently our children are close in ages...27, 25, and 22. Oldest is with a girl we love, and will hopefully be experiencing the joy your Brandon is heading into. My stepdaughter, who lost her mother in 2003, allowed me to have a place at her wedding (even though her daddy and I were just engaged at the time) and it meant the world to me. Her son Xavier is 4 1/2 now, and he is our world! My stepson has a baby girl, Sophia, who will be a year old in December. Life is so full!! And wonderful! Like you, my husband is my prince. I am retired now from teaching and love being home...writing, illustrating, knitting, and gardening. I have to pinch myself sometimes...God is so very good!
So ...Ronnie's was where I celebrated my 9th birthday with there famous extravaganza! My mother always ordered the Reuben and my sister, the pickled herring. That's where I learned what matzah balls were:)) we have Noshville Deli, here in Nashville that reminds me so much of Ronnie's...the pickles and coleslaw;))
I spoke with mother on the phone today, after seeing your sweet comment... She couldn't believe it! I hadn't thought about Jordan Marsh in ages, but something about Sherrys post brought back a flood of memories. And Park Ave....oh my first husband and I honeymooned at the Langford Hotel there, in 1980! Years later, I shopped at the Laura Ashley boutique for maternity clothes, and then later for sundresses...I LOVEd crabtree and Evelyn, and I just knew that was what heaven would smell like. The Briar Patch was the cutest little place..I still crave their baked potato with spinach, poached egg, and melted Swiss cheese! Good gracious!! How great it is to meet you!
And would you believe, husband surprised me with a trip to Seattle last year for our anniversary! We were there june2010!
Such serendipity, dear friend, I can hardly take it in. We stayed right downtown in a B & B, within walking distance of the public market, and incredible view of the ferries passing on the waterway. We walked everywhere, even up through the neighborhood where you can have the most breathtaking view of mt rainier.
Well, dear kindred, I must close, but we must chat more!
Blessings for today,

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