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Tuesday, March 08, 2011


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Lavender Dreams

I love baskets! I have a lot of them and use them to hold magazines or just to look pretty! What an amazing collection you have...that will always mean so much to you! What treasures! ♥

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Thanks for the nice feedback on my Mother's baskets. She would have been thrilled that you like them! I love handmade gifts. I have recently started learning to knit and now know the hard work and love that goes into making something for someone. This has made me love my Mother's baskets even more! They are, indeed, great for organizing and storing things--as well as being beautiful! Thanks for your sweet comments. I am enjoying your Lavender Dreams blog! Have a great Day! xoxo Kim


The baskets your mother made are beautiful!
My mother passed from leukemia 2001.
We were best friends and spoke to each other every day. I really miss her and always will.
Like your mother my mom was talented and smart.
Thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoy a relaxing day.

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Thank you, Jill, for the very sweet comment. I know you must miss your mother, terribly, as I do mine. The cookbook you created (and offer on your site) is a wonderful tribute to your beloved mother. (((hugs))) xoxo Kim



What a blessing to have all those beautiful reminders of your mothers loving hands weaving those baskets. Her loving energy is in every one of those baskets because she loved making them. She truly was an artist! Do you have anything special from your dad? My mother was an artist too, but sadly I don't have any of her paintings. My grandmother had a few, but I don't know what happened to them. When she came to live with us last fall...I asked if she would paint something for me, and she said she would but sadly she was at the end of her journey with Alzheimer's and went quickly after she had a stroke. Wouldn't it be nice to create a special place on your blog just for her. I think I might do that for my mom. Yes, your mother does look like a movie star. She was a shining star in your life!

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Sandy,
Yes, I am so blessed to have these treasured baskets made by the loving hands of my mother. My father was quite a talented man. He had a life-long hobby of fishing and actually handmade a lot of his own fishing poles. He made his own hunting knives, too. I have a kitchen knife that he made me when I was young and also a heavy stainless cooking sheet. I treasure both of these items. I think the biggest gift my Dad gave me was the love of the river and an appreciation for fishing. A bit of his ashes were actually put (at his request by my siblings and I) in a beautiful spot that he loved along the banks of the St. Johns River in Florida...a place that he had caught many fish and spent many hours of his life. Fishing was his "therapy" he used to say. Thank you for asking about my Father. I will be sharing some things in my blog about him as I go along. It sounds like you have an artistic and talented family background, Sandy. Do you paint or draw yourself? If, not, I bet you have something that you, too, are very good at. These artistic genes tend to pass on to other generations and they can resurface in many areas such as even cooking... (I think my sister inherited that gene---wink, wink) Have a "bluebird day" today. xoxo Kim


Hi Kim,

Fishing is a great hobby! So relaxing to be on or near the water. It takes a lot of patience to fish. It's nice to have such beautiful memories of your mother and father. My family is pretty artistic. I have cousins who sing, play instruments, a couple of cousins who are artists, and my aunt was a great decorator, landscaper, and antique collector. Her home was filled with beautiful antiques. My grandmother and her sister used to play piano and sing on the air and in nightclubs in New York city during the 1930's.

People say that I'm artistic, but I've never stuck with a medium very long to get really good at it. I dabble in just about everything. I believe we're all creative, but in different ways. I absolutely love gardening, and feathering my nest. I'm always changing things. Just started scrapbooking when my mother passed away, but boy it it time consuming!

Have you ever heard of the book, "The Artist Within?" I've had it on my library shelf for years, and just now picked it up again. It's a great book for inner discovery. If you get a chance, take a look at it, you might like it. Very healing. I can tell that you're artistic. I'll bet we'll both have some great pictures to share this summer! Everything is still so brown here in Michigan. Have a great evening and give little Sadie Mae a hug for me! My Kensie is laying beside me as I type.

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Sandy,
Thank you for the nice comments. Wow! Your family certainly is talented! Wouldn't it be great to have been able to have gone to some of those nightclubs and heard your grandmother and her sister sing? They must have been fun ladies! That was a great time in history...
Scapbooking is a great hobby to have. One of my very close girlfriends enjoys scrapbooking. It is nice to create something special to pass on to future generations. I have not read "The Artist Within" and will have to pick it up. Thank you for recommending it. If you love it, I know I will, too! I will definitely give Miss Sadie Mae a hug for you. She is going to be in a photo with me tomorrow on my posting. It is just a casual photo my husband snapped of Sadie Mae and I in my kitchen a couple of weeks ago. I love your little pet's name...Kensie. Very cute! Have a great day, Sandy! xoxo Kim

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