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Monday, March 14, 2011


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Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, what a Beautiful place, thanks for the pictures I am amazed how close the deer let you get to them. I can't really pick a favourite picture I like them all. I have never seen snow the snow fields are about 6 hours drive from me or I could catch a plane to New Zealand in about two I will have to do that one day. I spent the weekend looking after my cousins 4 children while Mum and Dad attended a Wedding in Queensland I had a lot of fun teaching the youngest (8 years old) to knit now she is over the moon because she is knitting her own scarf and can't wait to show Mum and may I say she is doing a fantastic job!! once again thanks for those Beautiful pictures have a great day. Hooroo Trish xox ;)


Absolutely stunning! Found you blog hopping today. I think it was from a comment you left on another blog:) Wow, I would so love to see these views in person!

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Amanda,
I have indeed visited some of the places I love to go to online today! There are some very beautiful blogs out there in "blogland!" I have some personal favorites that I always go to but I love visiting and discovering new ones, too! There are some very talented people out there in the world and I love seeing their creativity. I am drawn to anything warm and welcoming and so many are! Thanks for stopping by to say hello. I took a moment to visit your blog and I love the chalkboard idea. I have a gold chalkboard in my kitchen that I write different things on that is attached to the side of my refrigerator. I liked the list you shared regarding things to do to be organized--something we all need to think about. The "use your crockpot" (or slow cooker) more is one that I am going to use. If anyone has some great low-cal crockpot recipes, I would love them! Have a great day, Amanda! xoxo Kim


My hubby just got home from work and asked how far from Seattle this is? Thanks for stopping by!

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Trish,
So good to hear from you today! I do hope you have an opportunity to make that trip to New Zealand and see the beautiful "snow fields" sometime! Traveling is on my list, too! I am so glad you enjoyed the photos of Hurricane Ridge and thanks for the nice comments. Sounds like you had a great time with your cousins children! How exciting for the little budding knitter! She will always remember you teaching her to knit. I am somewhat of a new knitter myself. There is a wonderful place in Bainbridge Island, WA, called Churchmouse Yarns and Tea. I will be doing a little field trip on my blog there. It is a beautiful little shop and so inspiring to browse the many completed projects on display there. I am working on scarf myself as a project and also hoping to go back to a class at "Churchmouse" to finish my cuffed fingerless gloves. I know you are so proud of your cousin's daughter and her handmade scarf! Happy knitting!
Sounds like a "Bluebird Day" for both of you!
hugs, Kim

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Amanda,
Hurricane Ridge is about a l l/2 hour drive away from the Seattle area and is towards Port Angeles, WA. It is a well-known landmark in the area here. We always take our guests there on a little day trip when they visit from the South. Great place for family picnicing and fabulous photo opportunity. The best time of year to go is in later spring/summer and on into early fall. There are many deer who make their home on Hurricane Ridge. These deer are very comfortable around the many visitors who explore the Ridge. There are several picnic tables for a lunch not far from the little house pictured at the top. This building is the giftshop/educational center/small snack bar and restrooms. The stone wall in the photos is right past that building. Great family picnic area and also fabulous photo opportunity. Can't you picture an Easter basket and that background? Bring a jacket as it can get cool there. Hope you get to visit sometime. Hurricane Ridge is part of the National Parks here in our area of the Northwest. The drive up the mountain to the visitor area is 18 miles long. Thanks for asking and give hubby a hug.
Have a great day,

Lavender Dreams

What a beautiful part of the country...somewhere that I've never been! I'm so glad you took lots of photos to share! The tunnels look like the ones in Western NC, cut right into the mountain! Love the Lupine...looks a lot like lavender! Does it smell good? ♥

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Lavender Dreams,
Thank you for the nice comments on Hurricane Ridge. It is such a beautiful area! Maybe someday you can visit Seattle and go there. There is much to do in this area, and I am just beginning to share ideas on places to go. You mentioned lavender, we actually have a yearly lavender festival here in the Northwest area of Sequim, WA. I'll share about that very soon... Have a wonderful day! xoxo Kim

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