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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


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Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, those crepes look delish!! I use crepes instead of cannelloni pasta shells when making cannelloni I love them. I noticed a big bowl of bananas what I would give for a banana, when we had the floods here in Queensland recently it wiped out all our bananas so if you are lucky to come across any they are about $14.00 a kilo so I really miss my bananas I don't think the situation will get any better until next season when the new crop is ready . Have a great day Trish xox ;)

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Trish,
Hope you are having a wonderful day. The crepes at J'aime Les Crepes are so, so good! Your idea of using crepes instead of cannelloni sounds interesting! I am so sorry to hear about the bananas in your area. How I wish I could just offer you one here on the blog... I wish you a wonderful growing season this next year so that you may, once again, enjoy your delicious bananas that you love. Have a fabulous day today. How is your quilt coming along? Say hello to the ladies of your quilting group. xoxo Kim

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, thanks for the bananas (that makes me feel better) My quilt is a very slow process at the moment I only pick it up on Fridays when I go to patchwork. I am still on the 1st embroidery I don't seem to have the time in between to do any of it. Besides me there are another 3 ladies in my class that are doing the same quilt they are all onto the 3rd embroidery so I'm dragging the chain as they say, but that's Ok I'm not in a hurry it will be beautiful when it's finished. Have a great day Trish xox ;)

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Trish,
I know your quilt will be very beautiful when you are finished with it. Sounds like you are taking your time and doing a great job on it! I am always a little slower than some when I take a knitting class. I am still somewhat of a beginner. Mainly, it is fun just to spend time with others and chat while working. I am sure you enjoy your patchwork group, too! Have a wonderful day. xoxo Kim

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