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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


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Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, thanks for the wonderful photos it looks like an amazing place I can't get over the deer so near the water. I bet your husband loves this place, my brother in law was a chief petty officer in the Navy and he can't get enough of anything to do with water now that he has retired. He really misses the Navy I think he would join tomorrow if he was given the chance. Once again thanks for the beautiful pics have a great day!! Trish xox ;)

Lavender Dreams

I love to spend time at the beach...I could spend all day walking and looking out at the ocean! I love the lighthouse..very beautiful! And the piles of driftwood and old logs are wonderful, too! I clicked on your photo to see you and your son up close...very nice photo! Thanks for taking me along today! ♥

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Trish,
We also spot eagles at this beach. I have a photo that I will post, when I see it again, of two eagles on one branch of a tree that was taken very close to the area where the deer photo was taken. Like your brother-in-law, my husband loves the water. He was submariner for many years and then on surface ships. We have a little Catalina sailboat moored in walking distance of our home. My dear hubby loves to go to the boat and sit in the cockpit area and look out at Liberty Bay. We are planning to go out in our sailboat a lot once the warmer weather comes. I'll be posting some photos of our sailboat and the marina area once the weather turns really nice into spring and summer. Have wonderful day, Trish! xoxo Kim

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Thank you, Lavender Dreams, for the very nice comments. We have some beautiful coastlines in the Northwest...very different from the Florida beaches I grew up on. I love both coastlines! My dream is to be able to live in Florida in the winter months and here in the spring and summer! The mild summers in the Northwest are hard to beat. Not many people here in our area have air conditioners--you don't need them very much. My husband is still employed at this time so living on two coastlines is in the future...something to stay a dream for now. :) I hope you have a fabulous day today! xoxo Kim


Hi Kim,

Gorgeous photos! How nice to live so close to the ocean! I've always wanted to visit the Seattle area. My sister-in-law's family lives on Orcas Island. We've been invited out there many times and hope to make it one day. Have you ever been there? They have to take a ferry from Seattle. They also talk about Victoria B.C. Looking forward to all the beautiful photos you'll be taking and posting on your blog. Thanks so much for sharing! It must be so refreshing to walk up and down that beach! Have a great evening. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of Sadie Mae. I want to see that cute little girl! Also, I looked through your blog some more and love it! Love the trip through the mountains, the close-up pics of the deer, the tulips, and the beautiful comments you made about your soul mate, your rock in the storm!
Hugs, from Sandy in Michigan

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Thank you, Sandy, for your nice comments. It is nice to live close to the beautiful Puget Sound and not too far from the Oregon Coastlines which are so scenic with the rocks and crashing waves. I hope that you can visit your sister-in-law's family in Orcas Island sometime. I have not been to Orcas Island yet but do plan to visit there sometime soon. I have been to Friday Harbor which is part of the San Juan Islands. We took a whale watching boat to the Island from Port Townsend area. San Juan Islands have the most beautiful sunsets and is on the list of 100 places to see. I have been to Victoria, British Columbia which you mentioned. You can do day trips to the area by boat from Port Angeles area---not far from the Hurricane Ridge that I posted the photos of. We had a delightful high tea in Victoria at a historic hotel called The Empress. If you ever go there, I recommend it! Orcas Isand is a wonderful place, and I hope you plan a trip there sometime to visit. I am sure you would love it. Thank you for the very sweet comments. Have a beautiful day. xoxo Kim


Love, love, love the beach! the scenery is breathtaking. how fun to live so close to such neat places to visit!


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