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Monday, March 21, 2011


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HI Kim!!!

Thank you so much for visiting my blog the other day....:)

LOVELY photos and I have to say - your blossom is MILES ahead of ours over here.... all VERY slow this year!!

Enjoy spring!!!!!!

Nicola x

Daisy Cottage

Dearest Kim,





Bluebirds and Butterflies

Have a wonderful time on your hiatus, Kim, and I love you, too!!!! xoxo Kim

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Thank you for saying hello, Nicola. We are just beginning to see some blooms in the cherry trees and a few daffodils...most are still budding out. I love the springtime... Thank you for your sweet comments. xoxo Kim

Lavender Dreams

Look at that bunny! How adorable! I love all of your photos and hope you are enjoying the start of Spring! It's warm here already and I'm loving it! We walked on the beach yesterday...but I need to get my post ready for that! I posted a giveaway today! I hope you'll stop by and enter! ♥♥♥


I didn't know Dad did that!?! We just drove by the water tower today and Bren said "I wonder how long that's been there." Papa will have to tell her the story one day. XOXO Ashley

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Ashley and Brenna!
Thanks for the comment today. That water tower has been there FOREVER! I remember it when I was a kid in elementary school and attended Whispering Hills Elementary which is right by the tower. Yes, we were in high school, and he climbed up the tower (with a friend that was dating my sister) and painted our names on the top of the water tower for the whole town to see.... now that is true love! ha He will have to tell you the story. Everytime I see the movie "Sweet Home Alabama" and the scene where the guys are sitting on the water tower, I think of this story! Have a wonderful day! I am going to put your blog name on my "nest to nest--other nests to visit" and hope you have a beautiful day! xoxo Love, Kim

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