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Thursday, March 03, 2011


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Bluebirds and Butterflies

To Sandy,
Thank you so much for treating me to a wonderful facial for my birthday! You knew just what I needed! The facial was great and soooo relaxing. Love you and miss you! xoxo Kim

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, happy birthday what a thoughtful birthday gift sounds like you had an amazing time. I haven't had a facial for many many years when I was much younger and worked very close to the city I would have a facial every second week it was divine but then came marriage then house payments then children the list just goes on and on. But you are right we should have little treats every now and then it's very good for the mind and soul. I hope that you get the chance to visit Australia one day I'm sure that you would have a wonderful time here it is an amazing place. wishing you a Bluebird day (I just Love that!!) Trish xox ;)

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Trish,
Thanks for the birthday wish and nice comments. My actual birthday was February 9th, and I did have a great birthday thanks to my loved ones and friends. I think I really should celebrate them---for without our friends and family that care enough to make our day special, it would just be another day. We should all be celebrated on our special day. There is only one you! Unique and a "one of a kind".... My husband is next on the birthday list on March 5th. Looking forward to celebrating him!

I am happy that you have had a chance to get some facials in the past. With the cost of living in today's world--and especially in today's economy--extra things like facials are things that many of us do have to limit. This makes it even more special when the opportunity presents itself for a relaxing treat. The true message is to take time for YOU :) and do things that heal the body, mind and soul. When my life is very busy and my extra money is limited, I like to take a long bubblebath; curl up with a great magazine or book (or blog :) and a cup of tea; do some yoga stretches with relaxing music or give myself spa treatment at home. There are so many ways to soothe the mind and body. I would love to hear some of the things you enjoy! We all have things that bring us joy and healing... Hope you get to have many "Calgon" moments and may your special bluebird be nearby to join you... Have a bluebird day there in beautiful Australia! xoxo Kim

Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, Happy birthday to your husband for tomorrow. My next birthday in the family will be my sons on 20th June he will be turning 32 how time flies. Some of the things that I love to do are anything crafty I love patchwork, music, walking in gardens (especially when feeling off colour) talking to God,going to church, cooking, I also love bubble baths candles, essential oils, writing in journals. One of my favourite things is having high tea with friends & family.I am at the moment on a mission to go to every high tea place in Sydney so on Tuesday I will be heading up the Blue Mountains to Leura to have high tea with my sister and niece this is what makes precious memories and that's what I love. I'm off to patchwork now I'm working on a quilt called Jane Austen's Bonnet which I have just started it will take me 12 months to complete but it is a beautiful quilt...Have a bluebird day xox Trish ;)

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Trish,
Thanks for the nice birthday wish for my hubby and for sharing with myself and other readers about the many things that bring joy to your heart! All of it sounds wonderful! I love to go to places that have a high tea as well. On a cruise to Alaska, late August 2008, to celebrate my younger son's graduation from high school, we went to British Victoria and had tea at the Fairmont's historic Empress Hotel. My husband, son, and I enjoyed a delightful tea. The tea room sends you home with a container of their special blend of tea that they serve as a parting gift. We hope to go there again soon. I also collect teacups which is something I will post about in the future. You will have to check in with Bluebirds and Butterflies and post about some of the places you have tea as you accomplish your mission of exploring all the high teas in your area. You should consider doing a blog about your adventures exploring the many tea rooms of Australia. Taking tea is certainly soothing to the mind and soul which is what this category of "Taking Time for YOU" is all about. Enjoy your special teas with your family. Hope you will share some photos of your quilt as it comes together. Love the name of it! What a great hobby to have! You are creating heirlooms for your family...all stitched with love I am sure! Have a Bluebird Day! xoxo Kim

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