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Monday, April 11, 2011


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Trish Rowley

Hi Kim, Wow I love Eagles. Have a great day Trish xox ;)


Wow! I have always wanted to see an adult eagle in the wild! The pictures are beautiful! I saw the eagles last week on the webcam! So cool! Eagles are making a comeback here in Michigan. I saw a juvenile eagle once while walking in the Nichols Arboretum. Hope you had a fabulous weekend. We were busy getting our garden beds cleaned-up and ready for the season. It was almost 90 degrees yesterday! Have a fab day too! Kim you always have such interesting stories to share!


Julie Harward

Thanks for your visit. I love the name of your blog...we have lots of totally blue bluebirds here, they fly along with me as my dogs and I go for our walks each day. We have lots of eagles here too, they watch us as we walk along too, they are so beautiful!
As for my blog book...I did a post on it..2/4/11 You can see more of it there. I had it printed through Blurb and they did a great job. It is a great family treasure to have, my husband really loves it! I think I will follow your blog and add you to my blog list. (Love your hair too!) ;D

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Sandy,
Wow! 90 degrees! I cannot wait to start planting new flowers and working in my yard. We are still in the low 50's here in our area of Washington State and it is drizzly most days. Like everywhere, we have had quite a winter...less snow than expected...but LOTS of rain. Can't wait to see photos of your flower beds. I know they will be lovely. Have a wonderful day! xoxo Kim

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Trish,
Thank you so much for your visit today. Hope things are well with you and that you had a beautiful weekend. I am hoping you got to take tea with your family this weekend. The eagles are so interesting on this cam. We never get an opportunity to view them this close caring for their young. My husband and I have observed the "parent on duty" calling for the other eagle to come and relieve them. It is quite windy, at times, high in that tree. It will be interesting to watch the eaglets grow. Have a beautiful day! xoxo Kim


Hi Kim,

It's a fluke! We just had one warm day and tonight it's supposed to get down into the 30's. We got a lot of stuff done though! Have to wait until after memorial day before I really get into gardening.

You live in the most magnificent area! It's nice to have so many gorgeous photo opportunities. Keep up the great work! Hugs, Sandy

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Julie,
Thank you so much for visiting Bluebirds and Butterflies and for your nice comments. The eagles are so interesting to watch. I find myself tuning in a couple of times or so a day to see how things are going up in the nest. If you explore the cam site, you can see the eggs hatch. My husband and I had never seen eagle eggs before! Love your kitchen, Julie, and your lovely home. I can tell there is a lot of love there. Thank you for the information on the blog book. I am going to check into it. Doing a blog is a labor of love but, it does take some time, so it would be nice to preserve the photos and things that we write forever. Love the blog book idea. My husband was wondering if there was a way to capture it all. I am honored to have you list me on your blog. I am adding your wonderful blog to my list of "other nests to visit" as well. I cannot believe the view in your backyard, Julie! Wow! Have a "bluebird day" today! xoxo Kim

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Wow, what a temperature swing for you! Sounds like our area until spring starts...although I think we are through seeing the 30's or 40's until next year. At least you got a lot done in your flower beds! I am sure they are going to be lovely! We had a cooler/rainy day yesterday. Sunshine and beautiful today, but our weather is still in the 50's. If there is sunshine and no wind, it feels quite nice--although you still need a light jacket. We are heading to Houston to visit my son and his fiance very soon and will have some 80 temps there. I am looking forward to seeing him and having some nice weather! xoxo Kim

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