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Saturday, June 04, 2011


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Julie Harward

The first pic took my breath! I would so love to have flowers like this to pick from, I would have them in my home all the time. I used to have a rose garden at a previous home with around 40 rose bushes. I had roses in every room..I miss that! Have a great weekend! :D

Sheri, Jess, and Nel

I always love looking at beautiful flowers...and these are so bright. Thank you for reminding me that we have so much to be thankful for. The girls had the best time in Pike Place Market. I just bought a dozen red roses for mom and dad on Memorial Day just cause I was thinking about them. It was actually a treat for me.
Have a great weekend.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


I love flowers too! They can make me happy when i am sad. I am thankful for you sister!!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Lori,
Thank you for you sweet comments! I am thankful for you, too, dear friend! Love you! xoxo Kim

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Sheri,
Hope you are having a great weekend! I am so glad that the gals enjoyed Pike Place Market when they were here! So nice that you bought red roses for your dear parents for Memorial Day! Lovely way to honor them! (((((hugs)))) Kim

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Julie,
WOW! 40 rosebushes! I am sure your garden was lovely! I have about 5 or 6 knockout roses in my yard. I love seeing the buds begin to form! I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for the nice comment! xoxo Kim


Great photos - I am always amazed by the colors of nature. Every possible shade and hue. And flowers make me smile!


Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Claudia,
I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday! Thank you so much for visiting me today at Bluebirds and Butterflies. Flowers truly do brighten the day! You brighten my day, as well, with your lovely blog! xoxo Kim

Lavender Dreams

The colors and variety of flowers is awesome! What a beautiful place to visit! I'm enjoying your favorite things, too! Your blog is always beautiful! ♥

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Thank you soooooo much for the lovely comments! I am glad you are enjoying my favorite things list. I have a couple of more things that I will be adding in the near future to that list. I love your blog, Lavender Dreams, as well! I really enjoyed the seashore posting! Makes me think of being on the beach in Florida when I lived there. Have a great day! xoxoxo Kim

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