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Friday, June 10, 2011


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Julie Harward

You are such a cute lady! I sure enjoy these trips of yours...wish I could come along..I just love it! Thanks for sharing it all. :D


Awww----thank you Julie! You are cute lady, too! I have loved seeing your photos of your adorable grandchildren. Your family is rich in love!!!! Those little ones are so sweet. xoxo Kim


Hi, Kim...sure thank you for stopping over and having coffee and a little french donut with me today. :))
So glad to meet you.
I really enjoyed all these lovely photos..reminds me of last summer when we went on an Alaskan cruise. We enjoyed the whale watching so much. Lots of fun.
I am signing up to follow..and hope you come back to see me when you can.
Oh, and wanted you to know my daughter's name is
XO bj


Hi BJ!
Thank you for your visit to Bluebirds and Butterflies and for your nice comments. I have been thinking about those beignets ever since I went to your site! I may have to go out and look for a Cafe Du Monde mix and make some! Thank you for bringing back the memories of New Orleans to me! I am so glad you enjoyed my photos of Port Townsend and Friday Harbor. It was a fun trip for our family! I know you enjoyed your trip to Alaska. My husband and I went on a whale watching excursion while on a cruise in Juneau. It was an amazing experience. I am going to do a post on our Alaskan trip in the very near future. Maybe it will bring back some good memories for you! Thanks for sharing your grand-daughter's name....what a coincidence! I love her name! I am sure she is a beautiful little girl... Have a beautiful day today! xoxo Kim

Sheri, Jess, and Nel

Oh Kim,
You brought tears to my eyes, and joy to my heart. I haven't heard that song in such a very long time, and it brings back the memory of my little ones at a time when my only thoughts in the world was to protect and love. I am definately going to use that on my music bar, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that wonderful surprise. I will now call my children and let them listen to it too.
~Love, Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Sheri,
So happy you liked the song. You had me thinking about "You Are My Sunshine" since I read your posting on things that were special to you. I used to sing that song all the time...still do sometimes...and thought, "I should have that on my playlist." I like the version I found and am so glad you do, too. I know it is a song full of memories for you and thought you might like to capture it for your blog. Hope the girls love it. Have a beautiful day. xoxox (((((hugs))))) Kim

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