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Monday, January 30, 2012


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Hi Kim,

It looks like you guys had some fun! I can see Mark is really enjoying your blog and his snowman is awesome!! Snow does seem to bring out the playful side of us. Love the picture of him and sweet little Sadie! The homes in your area are beautiful. I've always loved historic homes because they have such charm and character. Your home really fits in the area because the style looks historic. We have a planned community a couple miles from our house that was fantastic until the Michigan economy tanked! All the homes were new and built to look old. There was a nice little village with shops and a community theater. I have a few pictures on my blog from the community when I was doing postings on front doors.

What a great view from your balcony of Liberty Bay! I had to laugh when I saw Mark with the hose (taking the easy way out with that hot water!) Do you guys get much snow in the winter? It's not unusual to get 3 or 4 feet of snow in Michigan. I love it when we have blizzards because most everything closes down, all the neighbors are out, everybody socializes and some even build a snowman.

Your snowman is so cute! Your snow day sounded just perfect and it's nice to have those 4 wheel drives! We have a GMC Heavy duty truck. It had to be big enough to pull our big 5th wheel camper.

Thanks again for sharing your beautiful day Kim! The pictures are gorgeous

Love and hugs,


Red Rose Alley

Hi Kim,
I really enjoyed the snow pictures today. They are so beautiful to me, as we don't see much snow here in sunny Southern California, unless we go high up in the mountains. Your fountain is so pretty, and the bird feeder covered with snow is so sweet. How fun it must have been for your husband to make a snowman, and what a cutie it is. The holly plant on the balcony I love, and the red berries really show up next to the white snow. What a memorable day this was for you. Whenever I see pictures of the snow, my heart sings... I dream of a mountain home someday, and when I open my door, there is a blanket of snow surrounding my house. Thank you for the lovely pictures. Your camera captured the beauty of God's wonderful season.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley


Hello Kim,

Just wanted to drop in and say hello. Hope you're feeling better and that your cold is gone. Have a terrific weekend!



Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures of snowy Poulsbo. We usually make a trip there on our sailboat this weekend, but cannot for health reasons this year. I miss Poulsbo, but will make the trek as soon as possible.
Happy Holidays

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