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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


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Red Rose Alley

Oh Kim, I do enjoy your posts so. I totally related to this one today. Playalinda Beach is lovely with the blue sky embracing it. I bet you had such fun when you were young at "the houses." You look so cute as a teenager. I spent alot of time at the lake too. I remember going with friends and laying on the beach with my red bathing suit trying to get the perfect tan. Jeri is so pretty, and looks exotic looking. I love her long brown hair, as I also have long brown hair. I bet the Thompson girls were loved back then. I think my favorite picture of all was the one of your feet painted with the red nail polish enjoying the sandy beach. Thank you for sharing a bit of your childhood with us, as it brought back sweet memories of my own childhood. We do have so much in common, my friend. Enjoy your time with your husband, and I can't wait to see pictures of it all later.
~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

Lavender Dreams

I love seeing your photos to this special place. We go to New Smyrna beach and drive into Canaveral National seashore from that direction when we go to the beach. It would be my dream to have a beach cottage in Bethune beach. I love that whole area! It's fun seeing you with your sister. Hugs!

Rainbow Gtaherer

hiya, thank you for your lovely comment on my blog. Your blog is very nice, I liked the photos. I also miss summertime a lot, the beach is fab !


Hi Kim'

I've missed you! Glad to hear the card arrived. You were in my thought and prayers. I know how difficult it must have been to lose your aunt. Loved this posting. I bet you Thompson girls were the hottest chicks at the beath! I agree with Sheri that Jeri looks exotic looking. I have to say though, that you have those great dimples and a gorgeous smile. I remember those days of hanging at he beath lathering up with baby oil with iodine. Man, I'm lucky I didn't end up like a prune. I stopped sun bathing when I turned 30. When we had our boat I made sure I wore lots of suncreen, a hat, and big sun glasses. Your skin looks great! I love the photo of you and your sister with the shadow and heart! How nice to be able to travel with your husband. Looking forward to hearing about your trip. Is little miss Sadie Mae going with you?

Lots of love and hugs,


Kim @ Bluebirds and Butterflies

Hi Sandy!
Thank you so much for the sweet comments. I am currently in Florida enjoying time with my step-daughter, Ashley, and her family and my sister. My dear hubby arrives tomorrow night, and we are heading to Cocoa Beach on Saturday night. I hope that you are doing well, dear friend. Hope to see you back to blogging soon! I am enjoying a little family time and a short vacation and hope to have some photos posted on my blog sometime this week. Love you lots and thank you, again, for your sweet card! Love you! xoxo Kim

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